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Florida millionaire tortures girl

Florida millionaire charged with torturing 12-year-old girl

by Nancy Grace, Publisher

He tried to convince judge he had “knee injury”

**The feature photos are from INSIDE EDITION’s waterfront expose on Louis Bianculli, where they confronted him outside his mansion, asking questions about his surprising ability to walk unaided.**

Louis Bianculli, 70, of Lighthouse Point, Florida, has been caught on camera walking without cane or crutch, relaxing, fishing, sauntering with a book and catching some rays in the Florida sun outside, his $4.2 million dollar mansion. This is after he convinced a trial judge that his child sex abuse case should be delayed, claiming he needed “emergency” knee surgery.

The playboy spawn of a multi-millionaire developer stands accused of drugging, torturing and sexually abusing his 12-year-old stepdaughter.  The alleged acts came to light during a therapy session. It include horrific details of child sex molestation, rendering the child unconscious during the ordeal by placing bags over her head and performing ‘surgeries’ on her with knives and needles.

It is also alleged that Bianculli was caught on tape referring to the acts as an “addiction.”  He said on tape that he let a dark part of himself take over when he knocked the girl out with chloroform or pills and abused her, according to police.

One “experiment” was placing the girl on a folding table and restraining her with duct tape while putting a bag over her face and head to “see how many breaths she could take until she passed out,” per the police the warrant.

The real estate mogul has already been caught violating house arrest in 2015. Bianculli’s GPS monitor revealed he violated the judge’s orders by leaving his home to visit a Ferrari dealership, a Best Buy store, and an Italian restaurant.


He last showed up in court with a cane, whining he needed surgery.  That was in October 2016.  He told the court his knee prevented him from sitting, driving or walking. Convinced that Bianculli was lying and clearly disillusioned by the court’s decision, the alleged victim’s family reportedly engaged their own private investigator, according to Inside Edition.

Police say Bianculli terrified his victim by telling her he had killed people in the Vietnam War. She became convinced he would kill her too if she ever refused to “play along.”

“I was hungry for some kind of physical touching thing, and she was right there, and she was at that age,”  Bianculli said in the alleged recordings.

Nancy Olson, who claims to be another Bianculli victim, told Inside Edition, “I learned that Lou’s chloroform sessions were the perfect crime because I was unconscious and because of my unconscious state, I cannot say what he did to me.”

For Inside Edition’s full report, tune in on Thursday, January 12. Check local listings for stations and times at Inside Edition‘s official site.

Bianculli is charged with multiple felony counts and denies the allegations.

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