Nakia Venant

A Florida foster care teen kills herself, broadcasts it on Facebook Live

The Department of Children and Families said in an incident report that Nakia Venant recorded her suicide using Facebook live, according to the New York Post. The 14-year-old used a scarf to hang herself from a bathroom door around 3 a.m. while her foster parents slept.

A friend of Nakia contacted police about the incident, hoping that authorities would arrive in time to save the teen. The address that the friend gave officers ended up being the wrong one. Though officers managed to get the right address after showing up at the wrong house, it was already too late. When authorities arrived at Nakia’s house, they found the teen hanging in the bathroom.

Nakia was taken to Jackson North Hospital immediately where she was pronounced dead.

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The teen was a student in the seventh grade at Young Women’s Preparatory Academy. Nakia had a younger brother, and it is unclear why she was placed in foster care.

Nakia’s Facebook page has been deleted, but those who commented on it claimed that the video was on Facebook live. The teen’s mother was amid the commentators saying that she was showing her tough love when she would discipline her daughter.

“I was showing you tough love when you misbehaved.”

It has yet to be confirmed that the teen actually used Facebook Live to record her suicide. Facebook spokesperson Christine Chen says that live-streams that go against community standards are interrupted as quickly as possible. Chen also made a statement advising those that witness these type of videos to report them right away so that authorities can help.

“We also suggest people contact law enforcement or emergency services themselves if they become aware of something where the authorities can help.”

Nakia is the second teen in the past few weeks to have committed suicide live on social media.

[Feature Photo: Facebook]