Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s security team makes a MAJOR mistake

by Jody Jameson, Contributor

Lopez’s security team claims that a stalker has been following the pop star from Vegas to Los Angeles.

Jennifer Lopez’s security team, responsible for handling a case against her alleged stalker, did not show up in court on Tuesday, causing the case to be dropped.

The request for a permanent restraining order against Tim McLanahan was dismissed by a judge. Lopez’s security team claims that McLanahan has been following the pop star from Vegas to Los Angeles. The team also alleges that the stalker has been showing up to Lopez’s house, and sending her unwanted gifts.

The request for the restraining order was being handled by the security team. The team didn’t show up in court on Tuesday because they felt it wouldn’t be worth it. McLanahan could not be found to be served the legal documents, so the team assumed that the case wouldn’t be heard.

The team did not know that the judge could have worked around the fact that McLanahan hadn’t been served. The judge could allow her team to publish the notice in a legal newspaper, allowing her to hear the case from the security team.

Lopez originally had a temporary restraining order but it expired. The “Get Right” singer put a restraining order in place because she feared for the safety of herself and her children.

If the security team showed up in court, the team would have likely won the case and the star would have been protected from her stalker. If the man came to her house or within 100 yards again,  he would face incarceration for violating the terms of the restraining order.

Apparently, Lopez isn’t done with the case. She still plans to get a restraining order against her stalker. This time she plans to use her legal team to get the protection she needs.

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