Oregon victim and suspect

Oregon woman orders hit on hubby for $150K life insurance

An Oregon woman pleaded guilty on Monday to paying an ex-con $600 to kill her ex-husband so that she can collect on his life insurance policy.

Pamela Jean Gygi, 58, plotted to kill her ex-husband, Dean Hamill, 66, but was caught after the man she hired to do the job went straight to Hamill to reveal Gygi’s intentions.

When the former spouses divorced in 2014, Hamill took out a life insurance policy of $100,000 and named  his ex-wife as the sole beneficiary.

Gygi contacted a convicted felon in the spring of 2015. She tried to hire the man to kill her husband for $600 in cash, a 2005 Dodge Stratus, an interest in Hamill’s dog and cat breeding website (called BreedersClub.net), and property in California.

The would-be hit man, who was out on parole at the time, drove from Oregon to Sarasota Springs, Utah, on May 30 to warn Hamill of the target his ex-wife put on his head. The man told Hamill that he was at risk of violating his parole by leaving Oregon, but didn’t plan on going through with the plot, and needed to tell Hamill in person.

On June 25, Gygi and her hit man met to discuss how the murder would be carried out. The man was wearing a wire during the meeting. They originally talked about tampering with the brakes on Hamill’s vehicle to make it seem like an accident.

A week after that meeting, the two met again. They decided it would be too risky to carry out the original plan because Hamill might only be injured, and Gygi didn’t want to chance her son being in the car.

On a later date, Gygi bought a rifle and a gun that she told the parolee would be “untraceable”.

In July 2015, the two met again in a mall parking lot so  Gygi could give him the $600 in cash, a car and a Taurus 9mm semiautomatic pistol. Gygi was videotaped at the meeting telling the hit man the plan was to make the murder look like a home invasion. She was arrested shortly after.

Gygi initially had a trial set for a date in February, but she went ahead and took the plea deal. As a part of the deal, two of the charges against her were dropped.

Assistant US attorney Frank Papagani is reportedly planning to seek a 12-year prison sentence at Gygi’s sentencing hearing in April.

Gygi pleaded guilty to charges of using interstate commerce in a murder-for-hire plot and possession of a gun.

[Feature Photo: Lane County Jail, Facebook]