Dummy in road

WARNING LADIES! North Carolina woman stops for ‘dummy’ on road, almost carjacked

by Jody Jameson, Contributor

Two men fled after attempting to carjack a woman who stopped in the road when she saw a dummy dressed in children’s clothing on early Sunday morning.

In Carteret County, North Carolina, a woman was driving down an isolated road at around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. She slowed her car when she saw what looked like a child laying in the middle of the road. She realized that it was a dummy dressed in children’s clothing, as reported by FOX 59.

When the woman pulled her car to a stop, she claimed that two young men wearing hoodies ran up to her car and grabbed the door handles. The two men fled the scene after their attempt at carjacking failed.

The Carteret County Sheriff’s Office said  the woman sped away from the two men and immediately called authorities to report the incident.

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Maj. Jason Wank said that authorities discovered the dummy at the scene of the attempted carjacking, according to the Associated Press. The dummy, which was composed of a plastic head and a child’s red shirt and jeans, has since been destroyed so that it can’t be used again. Wank is asked the public for help in identifying the would-be carjackers.

Wank’s wishes were fulfilled when people came forward with tips on the suspects. These tips led investigators to 3 teenagers – aged 10, 14, and 17 years old.

Authorities say that one of the teenagers admitted that what was considered an attempted carjacking was actually intended to be a prank. The teens were hoping that a car would run over the dummy and believe that they ran over a real person. They wanted to scare drivers with the dummy.

Detectives are continuing to investigate the incident, according to a report by WITN. They are in touch with the district attorney’s office to determine whether or not the teens will be charged.

[Feature Photo: Carteret County Sheriff’s Office]

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