Noah Ravenscroft

Former Quicken Loans exec stabs wife dead with 3 children upstairs, 9-year-old daughter calls 911

A Michigan man was charged with murder on Monday after he allegedly stabbed his wife to death with a kitchen knife.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department said that officers responded to a domestic violence call Monday night. Noah Ravenscroft answered the door of his Commerce Township home covered in his wife’s blood. He told the authorities that his wife was dead, according to a report by People.

When deputies searched the home, they found Kristy Ravenscroft’s body in the living room, with stab wounds. The couples’ three children were found unharmed on the second floor.

One of the three children made the domestic violence call to police. The 10-year-old child told a 911 dispatcher that his dad said that he was going to get a knife. Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard that the child saw his father on top of his mother moments before her death. The mother of three told her son to “run” before her husband stabbed her to death.

It’s believed that Ravenscroft walked away to grab a knife from the kitchen during the altercation, making the murder premeditated.

“There is a moment when someone steps away from the heat of the moment — and yet goes and obtains what ultimately becomes the fatal instrument. That’s premeditated. That’s an articulated plan.”

An acquaintance of the family said that the family seemed happy. The friend said that both parents worked hard to take care of their children.

“Kristy was a very dedicated mom, and her husband seemed to work long hours to take care of his family. They enjoyed camping, and her kids are beautiful and have been in our Sunday school classes.”

Ravenscroft was charged with premeditated murder and denied bond. A judge entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf at his arraignment Wednesday afternoon.

[Feature Photo: Oakland County Sheriff’s PD]