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Oregon teen sells pot on Snapchat

An 18-year-old Oregon teen was arrested for selling marijuana which he sold via Snapchat. His arrest came after a search of his house resulted in the seizure of multiple controlled substances and the arrest of another man.

Brayden Garza of Scappoose was arrested January 6 after police attained a search warrant and searched his house while he was away at school. Police raided the home, found and seized “3.5 ounces of marijuana, scales, multiple prescription pills and other controlled substance,” among other items, as reported by Oregon Live.

The Scappoose Police Department attained the search warrant after investigators gathered evidence that Garza was using the social media outlet to sell marijuana. The teen used Snapchat as a means to communicate with potential customers and post “deals”.

In addition to his Snapchat, Garza also posted a picture of himself on Instagram drinking a beer and holding large wads of cash. The teen is pictured wearing a Trump campaign that reads, “Make America Great Again.” The picture and the caption on the post hinted that Garza’s dealing business was quite successful.

“Go out and work to get your share, s—t don’t come free.”

While police raided the teen’s home, another man found in the home was taken into custody. Adrian Barrera-Mesinas, 35, believed to be living in the house along with Garza, was also arrested on drug charges.

In Garza’s home state of Oregon, possession and use of recreational marijuana is legal for adults who are 21 and older. The marijuana must be sold from an approved medical marijuana dispensary.

Garza went back to posting on Snapchat after the arrests. He recently posted a Snapchat saying that he was making a mark on the world after being talked about in Florida, and on a radio station in Michigan.

[Feature Photo: Scappoose PD]