Harvey Kneifl

70-year-old bus driver accused of molesting at least 6 girls

A Minnesota man, working as a school bus attendant, was charged with sexually molesting six girls, all between the ages of three to five.

Harvey Theodore Kneifl, from Woodbury, Minnesota, worked as a bus attendant. His job involved him helping children into their seats. Many of the children he helped have special needs.

After a 4-year-old complained to her parents about Kneifl rubbing her genitals, her father contacted police on February 4 to put in a criminal complaint. Authorities immediately began to investigate the claim and the 70-year-old.

The 4-year-old girl said that a substitute aide touched her on the way to school. She claimed that the man rubbed her leg and her genitals.

Kneifl was immediately placed on administrative leave following the complaint.

Authorities arrested the bus attendant and charged him with six counts of second-degree sexual assault. He can be seen in video surveillance of the bus touching other young girls above their clothes.

There were a total of six victims seen on the footage, but authorities are investigating if there are any more victims.

Three of the six victims were interviewed at a facility for young victims of sexual abuse. All three of the girls told interviewers that they were touched by Kneifl, and that he rubbed their genitals as well.

Kneifl denies touching the girls genitals, though he admits that he likes to touch the girls elsewhere. The bus attendant said that he would rub their thighs instead. He believes that he was giving the girls the attention that they’re lacking in their home lives. He believed that he could become closer with the girls than their parents were. Kneifl claims that he was making the girls feel good.

“They come from a hard life and likely do not get any sort of affection at home.”

All of the parents in the school district were notified of the incidents.

[Feature Photo: Washington County Sheriff’s Office]