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WHAT? NYPD officers use illegal license plate covers to shield from traffic cameras

Multiple NYPD police officers have been caught allegedly using illegal license plate covers that shield the license plates on their personal vehicles from toll and traffic cameras.

The plastic covers prevent toll and traffic cameras from being able to take pictures of the license plates. The plates themselves are still visible but the covers reflect light, concealing the plates from the cameras. The discovery comes from an Inside Edition investigation that will air Thursday.

Covers have been found on over 100 cars marked with NYPD placards parked outside of station houses and courthouses. Officials with the NYPD say that they are “working to address” the issue. NYPD spokesman Peter Donald stated that the department is working to crack down on the use of these covers.

“The department has instructed precinct commanders to ensure officers in their commands are complying with traffic laws and internal guidelines on license-plate covers.”

Donald said that several spot inspections were made in the past week to make sure that their officers are not violating traffic laws with their personal vehicles. Around a dozen police officers have already received tickets for these type of illegal covers.

Discipline for these offenses can include officers having to pay fines and possibly forfeiting vacation days.

Reporters with Inside Edition accosted multiple officers who had the covers installed on their cars. The reporter asked the officer if he knew he was breaking the law. The officer responded by admitting he was wrong, and saying that he would take the covers off. He proceeded to do so on camera.

Other officers that were confronted refused to roll down their windows and answer questions. One driver even slammed the door of his SUV on the reporter asking him questions on the legality of his covers.

Over half of the cars found during the investigation with plate covers were parked around 1 Police Plaza. Others were parked outside the Seventh Precinct on the Lower East Side.

The Inside Edition investigation will air in full on Thursday.