Joe Mixon

Assault victim says Joe Mixon punched her for refusing his sexual advances

** WARNING: Graphic Video **

The woman whose jaw was broken in 2014 after Oklahoma football player Joe Mixon punched her in the face, said the incident was triggered by the woman rejecting Mixon’s sexual advances.

Police released a new video Thursday of a police interview with Amelia Moliter, the woman punched by the football star. In the interview, Moliter says that she was standing outside an Oklahoma restaurant with a friend when Mixon and a group of his friends began to make cat calls towards her. She said she doesn’t remember if the men were already there or if they walked up, but she does remember the crude comments they made. She said she didn’t take the remarks seriously at first.

“Anyway, like, ‘It’s my boy’s birthday, what are you going to do for him?’ Suggesting that I go home with him and making very specific suggestions about what I could do you know, to pleasure him. My first reaction was to laugh.”

Moliter alleges that the group of men suggested she perform oral sex on the football player, and called her vulgar names. She alleges the men called her a b***h and a w***e.

The woman, fed up with the verbal harassment, said she and her friend went into the restaurant to wait on another friend.. Mixon followed Moliter into the restaurant after his friends encouraged him to do so. His friends were allegedly “egging him on.”

“Are you going to take that from her?”

In the surveillance video of the restaurant, Moliter is seen standing up from the table she was sitting at. She pushed and hit the football player. Mixon reacted to the altercation by punching the girl so hard she fell down.

Her jaw was broken as she hit the table and the floor.

Moliter said she doesn’t remember the blow. She does remember laying in a pool of her own blood as she went back and forth from consciousness.

“It was like a flash, like I got hit by a train.”

The defense denied the claim that Mixon made derogatory comments to the victim. Mixon’s attorney, Blake Johnson, said that her account of the altercations was contradicted by eyewitness accounts from people outside of the restaurant. Johnson claimed that Moliter didn’t remember the incident clearly because she was “belligerent and inebriated.”

Moliter was accused of making racial slurs, and provoking the attack, but the woman denies the claims, and said that she was “hurt” that he “made her out to be a racist.”

The woman had to have her jaw wired shut after the incident, and lost feeling on the left side of her face for six months. She has a pending civil suit against her attacker.

Mixon entered a plea after being charged with misdemeanor assault. He was put on probation and ordered to do 100 hours of community service and behavioral counseling. Mixon was also suspended from the football team for a semester.

Joe Mixon apologized to Molitor, his teammates, coaches and fans. He said that he “reacted poorly” to the situation.

[Feature Photo: AP/Sue Ogrocki, File]