Nephew: Michael Jackson’s mom is missing — AGAIN — and Blanket is worried

Crime Online Exclusive

Katherine Jackson boarded a flight to London to see her new grandchild, just born to daughter Janet Jackson, on January 22 with the belief that she would return to Los Angeles after a few days, her caretaker and nephew, Trent Jackson, exclusively told Crime Online.

The matriarch of the musical Jackson family, however, never returned to the home where she is co-guardian of Blanket Jackson, the youngest son of pop icon Michael Jackson.  Blanket, who turns 15 this month, is sad and upset that he has not been able to talk to his grandmother, the nephew said.

Instead, a lawyer hired by several of her adult children filed a request for a temporary restraining order against Trent Jackson claiming he is an “abusive con-man.” The complaint accused the nephew of keeping other family members away by “screening phone calls, not relaying messages, not allowing privacy during visits or phone calls.” A Los Angeles judge granted the TRO and set a hearing for later in February to decide if it should be permanent.

Trent Jackson, who told Crime Online that he has not been legally served with the TRO, is refusing to hand over his keys to the Calabasas home where he has been living with Mrs. Jackson. He’ll consider himself still her employee until he hears it from her, and she has not called, he said.

Trent is accusing several of Katherine Jackson’s adult children, including Jermaine and Rebe Jackson, of engineering the legal action so they could gain control of their elderly mother’s affairs. That control would mean they could directly challenge the executors of Michael Jackson’s estate for more of its money.

It mirrors what happened when Katherine Jackson was spirited away to Arizona and kept out of communications with her grandchildren — Prince, Paris and Blanket — in July 2012, Trent Jackson said.

When Katherine Jackson finally returned home, she signed a sworn statement saying she was tricked into flying to Arizona instead of a planned visit to New Mexico, according to court documents. She said her cell phone and iPad were taken from her and the TV and phone in the room at the resort where she was taken were disabled. This kept her from calling home or knowing about the very public controversy over her disappearance.

Crime Online has been unable to reach the Jackson family members for a response to Trent Jackson’s comments.

[Feature Photo: AP/Matt Sayles, file]