Heartbroken husband defends wife who may have tried to kill him

Florida man’s loyalty knows no bounds

A Florida man shot by his wife in an apparent attempted murder-suicide is standing by her from his hospital bed.

Jason “Chase” Fisher, 46, was shot in the hand and chest before his wife, Holly Fisher, 46, turned the gun on herself, according to a report by the Herald Tribune.

North Port Police in Florida responded to a complaint about a shooting at 12:23 a.m Saturday, and found Holly dead and Chase wounded. Chase was rushed to a hospital where he is now recovering from his injuries.

Fisher spoke of his love for his wife, which he says persists despite the circumstances. The husband told reporters that he wanted Holly to be remembered for the good person she truly was.

“My wife was a beautiful person and will be remembered for the wonderful things she has done,” Fisher reportedly said. “Hundreds and hundreds of lives have been touched by her.”

Holly was a popular sixth grade teacher at Heron Creek Middle School where she taught social studies. The teacher was with the Sarasota County School District for 19 years.

Principal Matthew Gruhl said that Holly was a great teacher that would be sorely missed by her students and those she worked with.

Parents of students at Heron Creek have been notified of the incident, and grief counselors are being made available to students who need their services.

Holly’s parents also said that she was a great teacher, and that she was a loving mother of three as well. Her father, Ed Morgan, said that she was always there for those in need.

“She bought kids school supplies when they didn’t have enough money to get any for themselves,” Morgan reportedly said. “She fostered dogs from dog rescues and treated everyone as if they were her own family.”

Those who knew the couple were in disbelief when they heard the news, insisting that Holly would never do anything to hurt her husband. Family and friends believe the shooting was an accident.

The alleged attempted murder-suicide is the subject of an ongoing police investigation.


Photo: Facebook