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Scott Peterson to walk free? Please join Nancy on Dr. Oz today!

Today, Valentine’s Day 2017, Nancy joins Dr. Oz!  The topics include Crime Online’s leading cold case, the murder of a young boy on his bike, Chuckie Mauk, as well as the murder of expectant mom, Laci Peterson, and her unborn baby, Connor.

Joining Nancy on Dr. Oz’s program is Amber Frey, Scott Peterson’s unwitting girlfriend that many argued inspired him to murder his young wife.  Nancy takes issue with blaming Frey for Laci’s death and in a heated exchange, compares the scenario to Adam and Eve, insisting it wasn’t all Eve’s fault nor was it Amber’s!

Nancy addresses new reports that the Peterson family has just launched new legal efforts to free Scot Peterson from San Quentin.

Scott Peterson to walk free? Please join Nancy on the Dr. Oz today! Check your local listings for show times!

[Feature Photo: Dr. Oz Staff]