Battle of the Eggs: Sofia Vergara tries to block ex from getting her embryos

by Christine Field

Her ex, Nick Loeb, has engaged in some creative legal maneuvers to access to embryos

In 2013, Sophia Vergara and her then-fiancé, Nick Loeb, created frozen embryos in anticipation of having a child at some time in the future.  The couple split the following year. These frozen embryos have been the subject of a two-year court battle between the two as Loeb seeks to gain “parental rights” over the embryos.

According to TMZ, Vergara is now s seeking to permanently block Loeb from taking control over the embryos.

When the couple entered into the contract to create and preserve the embryos, they apparently agreed that the embryos could not be brought to term without the consent of both parties.  But according to a Page Six report, the agreement didn’t say what should happen if Loeb and Vergara were to split up.

The lawsuits between the two have gone through several iterations. In 2016, Loeb filed a right-to-live lawsuit against Vergara in Louisiana, claiming the fertilized eggs – which he named and listed as ‘Emma’ and ‘Isabella’ — were prevented from accessing a trust that Loeb created for them to fund their health and education.  By not being allowed to be born, the lawsuit argued, they were deprived of the inheritance created by the trust.  Louisiana state law offers special legal protections for frozen embryos.

It appears that Vergara has had enough: The actress is asking the court to stop Loeb from being allowed to file any further lawsuits pertaining to the embryos. Vergara is seeking additional financial damages to compensate for the costs of the protracted legal battle.

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