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Former NYC model makes her fortune selling weed to the rich and famous

“Honey” says her client list consists of the likes of Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, and more…..

Operating under the pseudonym of “Honey,” a former NYC model allegedly created a business out of delivering weed to the doorsteps of Manhattan’s elite.

Honey, described as beautiful, leggy blonde, dubbed her business as “Green Angels” The alleged pot dealer employs young and beautiful men and women, hence the “Angels” part of the name, as her drug runners. Honey’s “Angels” are rumored to be NYU students trying to pay off student loans, according to a story by GQ.

The former model told GQ writer Suketu Mehta that she brings in about $27,000 a week. She keeps at least $1 million tucked away for emergency legal aid. The dealer spends $300,000 on product each month, and $30,000 towards cab fees, burner phones, and rent for safe houses in the most elite Manhattan neighborhoods.

Honey’s secret to not getting caught? Color-coded cell phones, and training the “Angels” on how to interact with police.

The system is based on the reliability of each client. Blue phones are assigned to VIP clients, purple phones for “solid” customers, and pink phones for customers at the bottom of the totem pole, often flaky clients or “cheapskates.”

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A client wanting to place an order need only text, “Can we hang out?” to their “Angel”, and their order is guaranteed to arrive within an hour and a half.

Honey brags that her client base consists of the likes of Rihanna, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Bieber, and FKA Twigs, though none of these celebrities admit to any association with the delivery service.

The business owner has specific rules that her “Angels” must go by, mainly for the sake of not getting caught.

“Never get in somebody’s car. No meeting in bars — you have to be in their apartment. No meeting in parties. No handoffs on the street. A cop might be checking you out. Dress professionally and in character. No marijuana anything on your shirt. No cute little shorts.”

Att the time of her GQ interview, Honey was pregnant with her first child. Child Protective Services were called after the woman gave birth, when the delivery doctor reported seeing the highest THC levels in a patient’s system that year.

Honey receives plenty of death threats from wholesalers of the drug, but despite this and even the possible legalization of marijuana, she believes her business will always be in demand.