Paul Walker

Callous Porsche employee joked about about Paul Walker’s horrific death

Porsche is coming under fire after allegedly hiding internal emails sent in 2006 between employees praising the amount of totaled cars of the same model that Paul Walker died in.

Walker’s death in 2013 in a 2005 Carrero GT happened after the car, being driven by Roger Rodas, spun out of control and hit a power pole and some trees, then burst into flames.

Ne court documents in Meadow Walker’s wrongful death suit against Porsche allegedly reveal that and email was sent from an employee joked that the wrecks of this model of car give it more value to the people who own it, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The man said that another Carrero GT “bites the dust” after it spun out and hit a telephone pole. The driver claimed that he had been going only 30 mph. The employee asked about a statistic that would make the value of the car increase. Of the 1280 Carrera GT’s produced, over 200 of them have been totaled. The employee said that this would benefit owners of the rest of that model.

“This would be great news to the remaining owners as the GT becomes more rare.”

The email was redacted for Walker’s lawyers from office computers, but can now be seen from home computers.

Walker’s daughter is seeking sanctions worth $52,752.50 against Porsche for hiding the emails.

According to Jeffrey Milliam, Walker’s lawyers, the email about the 200 totaled cars was sent in 2006.

“We have yet to learn how many more were totaled over the next seven years up to November 30, 2013 when Paul was killed as a passenger. We’re going to find out now that Porsche cannot hide this information.”

Milliam released a statement saying that this new information is good for the wrongful death suit against the car company. He commented that the company should have pulled the cars, or let its customers know of the dangers the car presented. He said that Porsche intentionally did not use it’s Porsche Stability Management system during the production of this model.

[Feature Photo: AP/ Joel Ryan/Invision, File]