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WATCH: Aaron Carter attacked after racially-charged insult during gig

by Ellen Killoran

Carter reportedly insulted the opening act after he thought he was being disruptive

A bloodied Aaron Carter was taken to a hospital after a brawl at an Illinois venue aptly named the Loony Bin.

According to TMZ, Carter was performing onstage when one the opening act, ILL State, was acting disruptively in the audience, taking cellphones from fellow audience members and shooting video during the performance. Cater asked security to have ILL State, who is Hispanic, removed, and reportedly shouted “Bye Felipe!” as he was escorted out — a spin on the sarcastic salutation, “Bye, Felicia.”

ILL state was reportedly not amused and came back to the bar when he attacked Carter and his equipment in a chaotic melee.

Carter was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital, and police are investigating the incident. There have not yet been any reports of an arrest.


Photo: Associated Press

Ellen is a seasoned journalist and former media & entertainment reporter with a taste for true crime. Formerly a senior editor at IBTimes, her work has appeared in Forbes, Rolling Stone, Maxim, NYMag, Indiewire, and more. She co-produced the HBO documentary "Youth Knows No Pain" and appeared in a documentary series that aired alongside the Lifetime movie "Manson's Lost Girls."