Sarah Dunsey

Emotional video captures the moment Sarah Dunsey is reunited with her family

“It was an emotional reunion last night!”

Sarah Dunsey has reunited with her family after being rescued by the FBI on Friday, and the emotional reunion was captured on video and shared with the Facebook group dedicated to her recovery.

“Sibling love. It was an emotional reunion last night!” Sarah’s mother Amie Dunsey wrote in a Facebook post. “Many people are curious about what happened and are anxious to hear more details. We will share a little bit more in the coming week. We appreciate your continued support and kindness.”

Sarah vanished in January while on a trip with friends to Las Vegas. Sarah Dunsey’s last text message to her mother warned “If I die tonight, it’s a guy named…”.

Her story drew national attention after her mother’s plea went viral. Her family feared she had been abducted into sex slavery.

According to reports, two men who were with Sarah were taken into custody and interviewed by police.