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Demi Moore lawsuit: Family sues after man dies in her swimming pool

The family of a 21-year-old who died in Demi Moore’s swimming pool almost two years ago, filed a wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday against the hosts of the pool party.

Edenilson Steven Valle, 21, warned people that he could not swim when he arrived at the party, his parents say. The party was being held at the actress’ estate in July 2015 while she was out of town, according to a report by New York Daily News.

The two defendants named in the suit are Lenny Hernandez and Bessy Wong. Hernandez is the house manager who hosted the party. Wong is the business manager who acts as trustee of Moore’s Tree House Trust.

Moore was not specifically named as a defendant in the case.

The lawsuit against Hernandez and Wong claim that partygoers were served alcohol while navigating poorly lit pathways with hazardous obstacles, and a dark pool with an unmarked deep end.

“House manager Lenny Hernandez knew there was drinking that night, and in fact she was serving alcohol at a party which was unsafe to host. Police photos of the backyard show very serious lighting issues and numerous decorative rocks placed randomly for effect, creating abundant trip hazards.”

Valle was at the party promoting JSLV, a skateboarding and snowboarding apparel brand. His friend, Gabby Ventura, said that Valle was taking classes at Santa Monica Community College. She said that he was an intelligent, well-liked man with goals and dreams.

Coroner officials ruled the death an accident.

Moore said that she was in “absolute shock” when she received word about the “unthinkable tragedy.” Moore was out of the country at the time of the party. She was travelling to meet her daughters for a birthday celebration.

The family is seeking unspecified damages.

[Feature Photo: AP/Jordan Strauss/Invision]