Chinese mother kicks toddler

Evil! ‘Mom’ caught on camera kicking her toddler for crying

**WARNING** Extreme violence, child abuse in video

A mother in China was captured on video kicking her toddler and throwing her down a flight of steps. The incident occurred on February 24 at around 3 p.m.

The abusive mother supposedly could not handle her daughter’s crying, so she began yelling at the child, who looked to be around 2 years old, and kicked her against tiled steps.

An onlooker recorded the 6-second-long video, and posted it to a social media outlet. Almost eight million people viewed the clip since it has been posted. The video is difficult to watch for most people.

After the clip was brought to the attention of local authorities, the Beijiao Police Department investigated the case. They located the mother, and she told the officers that she was stressed out, and couldn’t control her emotions. She said that she reacted poorly when the toddler would not stop crying, but that she deeply regrets taking her frustrations out on her child.

The 27-year-old mother, surnamed Chen, is said to be from central China’s Hubei. She can be heard yelling at her daughter in the video.

“Still crying?”

As “Chen” kicked her daughter to the floor, the little girl hit tiled steps as she fell down.

Police said that there were no visible signs of injury on the toddler. Medical personnel were able to examine the child after the mother was identified from the video. The medical staff indicated that the little girl was OK, and cleared the toddler to be released to family.

Beijiao Police confirmed that the woman was given only a verbal warning after she was filmed kicking her child.

The little girl is now under the care of her grandparents.

[Feature Photo: YouTube]