Jacob Manchego

2-year-old Florida boy dies after being left in hot car all day

A two-year-old boy died on Tuesday after his half-sister left him in a locked vehicle in Brandon, Florida, 13 miles from Tampa.

Temperatures in Tampa Bay tied record highs on Tuesday at 86 degrees when 2-year-old Jacob Manchego was trapped inside the SUV in a Brandon shopping center, as reported by WFLA. The vehicle was locked, with the windows rolled up and the engine off. The toddler was trapped in the hot vehicle from 9 a.m. until 2.30 p.m.

Larry McKinnon, spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, said that the child was left in the SUV by a relative.

“What we understand is that about 9 o’clock this morning, a relative parked here in the parking lot and in the interim, left a two-year-old boy inside the vehicle, locked, without the engine running, and without the air conditioning.”

Jacob’s half-sister, Fiorella Silva-Tello, 21, left her brother in the car when she went into her place of employment, the BFF Kidz Child Care Center.

Silva-Tello discover the young boy when she went to the vehicle during her break. Investigators described the young woman as “distraught” and “upset” when she discovered the child.

The 21-year-old brought the toddler, who was unconscious when she found him, to a nearby dialysis center. Medical staff at the center tried to keep the boy alive until fire rescue arrived, but it was too late. He was transported to Brandon Regional Hospital where he was in critical condition. The toddler died late afternoon.

McKinnon said that telling the family was difficult, and that hearing that news as a parent was “gut-wrenching.” He mentioned the importance of checking the backseat to make sure a child is not left trapped in the vehicle.

Charges have not been filed. An investigation and review by the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office is currently underway. The child’s history, and any calls made to the home for services, will be reviewed.

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