Cocaine seized in Nebraska

Beautiful fully-loaded Volvo (with 55 lbs. of cocaine) discovered by Nebraska Cops

Fifty-five pounds of cocaine was seized from a semi tractor-trailer after the driver was pulled over for multiple traffic violations in Lancaster County, Nebraska, on Sunday evening.

The 2006 Volvo tractor-trailer was stopped near the Highway 77 south interchange on Interstate 80 at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, according to a report by the Nebraska Radio Network.

Lancaster County Chief Deputy Sheriff Todd Duncan said that the semi truck was searched after Canine Unit  drug dogs signaled to their handlers that they detected the smell of drugs in its cargo hold. After searching, deputies found approximately 25 kilograms (55 pounds) of cocaine.

The street value of the cocaine is said to be worth an estimated amount of $750,000.

Gustavo Zamora, 56, of San Gabriel, California, was arrested and thrown in jail for possession of cocaine with intent to deliver. Police think that he was headed to California, but aren’t certain where he was headed.

Big Cocaine Bust Near Lincoln
Photo: Lancaster Sheriff’s Office


Chief Deputy Sheriff Todd Duncan said that the drug bust was thanks to the drug dog handler.

“We’re pretty excited about this, this is a really nice job by our canine handler deputy and we feel that taking this large amount of cocaine off the streets and out of our community is a really great public safety accomplishment.”

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Duncan exalted the deputy that discovered the cocaine. He said that these types of busts, with this high amount of cocaine, are important to their community. He says that there is definitely a connection in their community between the use of drugs and violent criminal activity.

“There is a definite nexus between illegal drugs in our community and violent crime, and especially when we’re talking about cocaine in this quantity. So, great job by this deputy and we’re very excited about this arrest.”

[Feature Photo: Lancaster Sheriff’s Office]