181st Street, NYC

Man falls to his death while jumping across rooftops to evade police

A man running from police died Tuesday when he plummeted six stories after attempting to jump 15 feet across two Bronx rooftops.

“Put a rush on a bus!”

An officer with the NYPD’s Manhattan North Warrant Squad yelled this when he saw Devon Wade, 28, fall between the two buildings, reported Daily News. He was still alive when he hit the ground, and his girlfriend, Janell Reid, 24, screamed, “Get up!” over his body.

A video obtained by the NY Daily News shows the gut-wrenching scene as Reid runs down the stairs and screams when she sees Wade.

Wade made an escape through the window of his apartment when police came to arrest him at 6:30 a.m. on a bench warrant for a fraud case from October 2013. Police had also planned to question Wade on an obstruction of governmental administration case. He climbed to the roof using the building’s fire escape, but had nowhere to go when he reached the up so he attempted the jump.

The 28-year-old was brought to St. Barnabas Hospital. He died from his injuries shortly afterwards.

Building superintendent Bernardo Pena, 47, said that the officers were banging on Wade’s apartment door very loudly. He said that as Wade made his daring escape to the rooftop, the officers threatened to shoot him when he reached the roof.

The case is currently being investigated by the NYPD’s Force Investigations Unit.

There were no officers on the rooftop when Wade made the jump. Police on the ground surrounding the apartment saw Wade as he climbed to the roof.

Wade’s mother said that he was terrified of the police after they beat him up previously.

Reid said that Wade was “petrified” when police showed up to their door. He told them that he didn’t do anything, and she called the attempted arrest harassment.

Wade’s ex-girlfriend, 28, said that he was her 11-year-old daughter’s father. She that her daughter loved her father very much, the news of his death would be devastating.

Antoine Wade, 52, said that his son “had a heart of gold,” and blamed the police for causing his son’s death.

“Cops have the authority to do whatever they want to do.”

Wade’s neighbor Chris Collins said that police often harassed Wade “for doing low-level drugs.”

Authorities said that Wade had been arrested 19 times prior. Most of the arrests were for drugs and other non-violent offenses.