Randy Nordman

Widow blames ICE after undocumented immigrant kills her husband

“Had they just done their jobs and followed the laws, my husband would still be alive, and so would the four other innocent victims he brutally murdered.”

A Missouri widow blamed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for failing her family after her husband was shot dead by an undocumented immigrant who had been arrested and deported before.

Julie Nordman spoke to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs about the death of her husband, Randy Nordman, who was killed in their New Florence, Missouri, home in 2016, as reported by Fox News.

Julie told the committee that her husband’s death could have been prevented if ICE had “just done their jobs.”

The man responsible for her husband’s death, Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino, also killed four other people in Kansas City the day before. Serrano-Vitorino illegally re-entered the country after he was deported in 2004, following a two-year prison sentence.

Julie said that the undocumented immigrant broke into their home on the morning of March 8, 2016. When he found Randy in the kitchen, Serrrano-Vitorino shot him dead.

ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan was invited by Ranking member Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., to the hearing, but declined the offer. McCaskill said that it was worrisome that ICE did not attend the meeting to argue their side.

“ICE is the only agency capable of providing detailed answers and information about these cases, and it’s deeply concerning that they’ve declined to send someone to speak with the victim’s family, law enforcement, and Republican and Democratic members of the Committee.”

Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis., sent a letter on Tuesday to ICE, requesting documentation and information about criminal illegal aliens. The effort was made to determine if the individuals connected to the case would be made a priority for removal under President Trump’s Jan. 25 Executive Order on enhancing public safety.

Chief Deputy Ryan Rectenwald of Grant County, Washington also told the committee during the hearing about Jill Marie Sunberg, the 31-year-old who was killed by five illegal aliens shortly before Christmas 2016.

“The fact that these suspects were here illegally isn’t my point. It’s that the shooter was still in the U.S. after being convicted of crimes, and previously deported.”

Rectenwald continued to tell more stories about illegal aliens committing crimes in the U.S., and remaining here. He said that he shared these stories with the committee to prove a point that the country needs to protect its borders. He said that he believes it should be a priority of the federal government to protect its citizens.

[Feature Photo: Twitter/Handout]