Florida Prison attack

Video: Florida inmate tries to strangle guard with towel; fellow inmates stop the attack

Florida prison attack caught on surveillance

Inmates at a Florida prison saved on of their guards Tuesday when a fellow inmate attacked the guard and tried to strangle him with a towel.

Kiondre Zachery, 22, was seen on camera in the Falkenburg Road Jail in Tampa wrapping the towel around Deputy D. Hernandez’s, 31, throat. The attack was unprovoked and the guard was facing the opposite way, according to the Daily Mail.

After Deputy Hernandez escaped from the towel, he chased Zachery around the room while tcalling for back-up. When the inmate tried to punch the officer, other inmates stepped in and helped Deputey Hernandez tackle Zachery to the ground and restrain him.

The guard, who has been at the prison for 10 months, sustained multiple injuries from the attack, including a twisted ankle, bruised knee and abrasions to his neck.

Zachary is in prison for burglary. He’s now in isolation, and charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.

The Hillsborough County sheriff’s office said that the heroic inmates saved Deputy Hernandez from suffering serious injury from the attack.

“Due to the overall professionalism and respect that detention deputies display towards the inmates on a daily basis, the inmates came to the deputy’s aid preventing the deputy from being seriously injured.”

The office also said that this incident shows how dangerous it can be every day for the men and women who work at the Hillsborough County Department of Detention Services.

The sheriff’s off also said that the inmates who stepped in to save the guard understand the importance of the officers, and that the guards are genreally treated fairly and with respect.

[Feature Photo: CCTV Screenshot]