Sandra McClung

Elderly grandmother attacked viciously at Walmart for bumping into another customer

by Leigh Egan

A Georgia grandmother went shopping at an Atlanta-area Walmart on Sunday, when she was attacked by much younger woman who she accidentally bumped into in the bread aisle.

WSB-TV reports that 75-year-old Sandra McClung was riding in a store-provided motorized wheelchair in the Walmart at 1801 Howell Mill Road in Atlanta, when she bumped into the younger woman in the bread aisle. The suspect, identified as Alexis Venderburg, reportedly began cursing at McClung. The elderly woman said she did nothing to provoke the suspect.

“I thought she was going to go around. She looked at me and she said, ‘I want to get some bread, white b**** I said, ‘Well excuse me.'”

McClung admitted that she defended herself by calling Venderburg a b**** as she maneuvered her motorized wheelchair out of the way.

“I’m not going to tell no lie. As I went around her, I said, ‘You’re the b****.”

At that point, Venderburg reportedly followed McClung. When the older woman turned down an empty aisle, Venderberg allegedly jumped on her and started pummeling her in the face. According to a police report, Vandeburg punched the victim so hard that she was left with two black eyes and a swollen, bloody nose.

“I had my glasses on and she just kept socking me in the glasses and then she socked me in my mouth because my mouth is real sore,” the victim told WSB-TV.

McClung said no one came to assist her, but once she started screaming for help, Venderberg stopped attacking her and ran out of the store, while forgetting one important detail: her cellphone. During her fit of rage, the suspect dropped her phone into McClung’s cart. The suspect actually ran back into the store to retrieve the phone, but by that time, employees were surrounding McClung. The suspect ran away without her phone.

Police were able to identify the suspect’s name through her cellphone information. For reasons unknown, the suspect’s physical description has not been revealed. Crime Online attempted to reached out to the Atlanta Police Department, but they weren’t readily available for comment. The suspect has not yet been found.

Meanwhile, McClung’s grandson started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help the victim cover medical expenses.

[Feature Photo: GoFundMe]

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