Evan Little mugshot

Police: Miami man kept girlfriend captive for weeks; drugged, raped, and beat her

A Miami man was arrested Sunday after he allegedly held his girlfriend captive for two weeks, while he drugged, raped, and beat her.

Evan Xavier Little, 25, was arrested after his girlfriend went to the police on Sunday to report the attack that took place in late January. When she reported the incident, she told police that she “feared for her safety,” according to a report by the Miami Herald.

The woman said that Little became angry and violent when she told him that she left a purse that he bought for her in an Uber car. He allegedly began to strike her with his fists and a suitcase.

The police report said that her legs had been struck by golf clubs, and that the assailant continued to abuse her. He even used pliers to rip off her nails; he also choked her.

“The defendant then used pliers and pulled some of her acrylic nails off her. The victim attempted to leave the apartment, but the defendant grabbed her by her hair and started to choke her with his hands.”

Little allegedly put a knife to the woman’s neck. He reportedly threatened to hurt her if she tried to leave their apartment.

During the two weeks after this initial attack, Little held his girlfriend captive. He allegedly drugged her and raped her multiple times.

Police said that the woman still had several visible bruises from the injuries she sustained while being held against her will.

According to the police report, Little has artificial arms.

He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment and sexual battery. He also had a warrant for a probation violation.

Little was being held Monday in Miami-Dade’s Metro West Detention Center with no bond.

[Feature Photo: Miami-Dade West Detention Center]