Robin Thicke

911 call reveals Robin Thicke, Paula Patton custody fight

A clip from a 911 dispatch call from Paula Patton’s nanny during a custody dispute between Patton and Robin Thicke was released on Thursday.

In the clip, the nanny can be heard asking police to come to Malibu park where Thick, 39, was waiting with a court-ordered monitor to pick up his son Julian on February 16, according to US Weekly. The nanny told police the boy did not want to go with this father, and that “this child is literally begging for me and everyone to call 911.”

“That’s how much he does not want to go.  He’s 6 years old, and literally every time we have these visits, the night before, the day before, he’s crying, he’s praying to angels, he’s trying to avoid it like the plague. It needs to end.”

The nanny also claimed that Thick was violating a temporary restraining order that Patton, 41, put against him. She said that he wasn’t supposed to be at the park while Patton was there.

A source close to Thicke said that the nanny wasn’t actually at the park at the time of the incident. She reportedly was calling from Patton’s home.  According to the source’s account, Patton arrived an hour late, and would not let Julian out of the car. Thick was using the monitor to communicate with his ex, and he reportedly never got out of his car.

Patton and Julian were gone when police arrived on the scene. Thicke told deputies that he was in his designated spot where he always picked his son up.

A source close to Patton told a different story than Thicke’s side. Patton was not late for the handoff, according to the source. Thicke was not supposed to be in the vicinity while his ex was there, despite him saying that he had a designated spot. When Julian saw his dad, he told his mother that he didn’t want to go with him and they left.

[Feature Photo: AP/Chris Pizzello/Invision]