Soccer field and soccer ball

Police shoot unstable homeless man in front of kids at soccer practice

Kids and parents watched in horror as California deputies shot and killed an erratic homeless man

A homeless man who had previously been placed a psychotic ward was shot and killed Thursday by police after he tried to attack parents and their kids at a soccer practice.

The incident took place at the Huntington Beach Sports Complex in Huntington Beach, California, at 18100 Golden West Street around 7:30 p.m. The man reportedly charged at the players, coaches and onlookers with a stick and a broken bottle.

One of the players, Miguel Carias, told CBS Los Angeles that he and his teammates were huddled together against the fence when the man came at them. The kids scrambled to jump over the fence after their coach yelled to them, while attempting to scale the bleachers. That’s when they heard three gunshots.

Another player said that he was in fear of his life when he saw the man coming at him.

“I felt like he was after me. He was running towards us when we were jumping the fence. But we jumped over the fence before he got near us.”

One of the fathers said that he yelled to the coaches to get the kids out of the way. They then tried to pull one of the goals down onto the man to trap him.

Once the kids were out of harm’s way, the assailant went after a mom sitting in the bleachers. It was at that time that police shot and killed the homeless man.

The man’s mother, Angela Hernandez, said that she had attempted to get her 29-year-old child the help that he needed, but she wasn’t successful.

“He was recently last year in a psy ward. I tried then to try and get him help and keep telling him let’s get help. What they tell me that he has to want the help. But I’m thinking well what can I do when he’s mentally unstable. As an adult child because he’s 29 years old, what am I supposed to do?”