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Karan Gravano

‘Mob Wives’ star Karen Gravano’s car vandalized and spray painted “RAT”

by Leigh Egan

Karen Gravano, star of reality show, Mob Wives, was greeted with word “Rat” spray painted on her car last Wednesday, and her tires slashed.

It’s still unclear who vandalized her car, but Gravano told TMZ that is was likely Drita D’Avanzo and her husband, Lee. Gravano and D’Avanzo had an explosive argument that turned into a physical altercation on the final episode of Mob Wives last season.

D’Avanzo hasn’t commented on the ordeal and phones call to reps have yet to be returned. Gravano, however, insisted that her Mob Wives enemy was responsible.

“I believe that it has to do with a beef starting from Mob Wives, about a year and a half ago, which had to do with Drita and her husband Lee (D’Avanzo). Actually, I had seen Lee the other day in a diner and then I seen him circling around my house and then all of a sudden my car mysteriously gets vandalized. I heard through a couple of people that it was him. At this point, it’s actually so petty and I wouldn’t expect anything less from these clowns. This is what they do. They aren’t relevant anymore.”

Gravano said that she moved on from the Mob Wives drama a long time ago, and rarely thinks about it anymore. She’s been busy with other projects. In fact, she’s not even bothered by the car vandalism, as her team is reportedly handling the situation.

[Feature Photo: AP/Demis Maryannakis/STAR MAX/IPx]

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