Welcome Home: Jefferson County man returns from trip to find decomposing woman in his bedroom

by Ellen Killoran

The man told police he thought the woman was sleeping

An Alabama man returned from an out-of-town trip to a horrifying surprise: A dead stranger in his bedroom.

According to, the man told police made the discovery when he returned to his Jefferson County home on Wednesday after being away for several days. Initially, he reportedly believed it was an intruder sleeping on his floor and called police before approaching the woman. But when the police arrived, they discovered the woman on his floor was dead — and given the level of decomposition, believed to have been there for days.

Police told that the woman is still unidentified and a cause of death is pending an autopsy. The homeowner has not yet been identified.

“I can’t imagine coming home and finding someone unexpected and unknown dead in my home, but right now that’s what we have,” Chief Deputy Randy Christian told “Hopefully as we learn more, it will make some sort of sense.”

 The incident is under investigation.


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