Kim DePaola

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Kim DePaola’s car found with two dead bodies inside

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Kim DePaola’s car was found on Friday completely charred with two unidentified bodies inside.

Page Six reported that the bodies in the torched car, an Audi S line, were killed “execution style” Authorities are currently working to identify the bodies through dental records.

The report read that DePaola’s 28-year-old son, Chris, usually drives the vehicle which is registered to his mother. However, Chris left town on Wednesday and loaned the car out to his friend, Aaron Anderson, 27.

Anderson is now missing.

Authorities reportedly responded to a call near East 28th Street in Paterson, New Jersey. Residents told the cops that they heard two gunshots and saw a car go up in flamed minutes after.

The roof of the car had to be cut open to pull the bodies out of the vehicle. The bodies were burned so badly that emergency personal were unable to tell the race or the sex of the couple at first glance.

NBC New York reported that police are working to ascertain a motive, but they believe it may involve drugs.

Investigators found a set of footprints in the snow going through two backyards nearby and are looking into whom they belong to. Maria Rivera, a resident of one of the homes who was shaken by the incident, said that the tracks weren’t there before Friday.

“Yesterday the fence was fine. Nobody from my family walked through there, we have no idea who those footprints belong to.”

Anderson’s mother reportedly said that she had been trying to reach her son for days, but have been unable to make contact with him.

“I’ve been calling him and it’s going to voicemail. I would have heard from him.”

The father, Thurston Anderson, said that he and his wife are “concerned” but there isn’t any definite evidence yet that it was their son in the car.

No arrests have been made in the case.

[Feature Photo: AP/JMA/STAR MAX/IPx]