Caught on video: Gun-toting Florida mom sends burglar running

A would-be burglar in Florida picked the wrong house to mess with: Instead of finding loot, he found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. 

And it was all caught on the home’s surveillance camera.

The video shows the burglar ramming his shoulder into the Miami Gardens home trying to force entry. He finally backs up to get a running start and is able to break the door in.

But a mother of two is on the other side of the door, and she isn’t about to let him put her kids in danger.

The man can be seen running into the house, but seconds later runs back out and jumps into his car. A shotgun barrel is then seen peeking out of the doorway aimed at the burglar.

The mom of two, ages 3 and 10, told ABC7 that when she heard the banging on her front door she immediately went to grab her shotgun and waited for the burglar. When he gained entry and saw the mom standing there with the shotgun he took off.

“He was running for his life,” she said. “He kept looking back making sure I wasn’t going to shoot him in the back.”

The mother, who wished to stay unidentified, reportedly said the only reason she didn’t pull the trigger was for the sake of her children.

The burglar managed to get away but the mother told the news outlet she hopes the video will help to identify the man.

This incident happened a month after a Florida father beat up a burglar using his Jiu-Jitsu skills.

The New York Daily News reported that a burglar went into the garage of a Fort Myers home to steal some tools. When the father heard commotion coming from that part of the house, he went to investigate.

The burglar told the father that he was sent by “the boss” to pick up some tools, but the father didn’t believe him.

The father reportedly said that when the man tried to run away he tackled him to the floor and tried to restrain him.

“I was holding him down,” he said. “Once we got to the ground, he started pushing and fighting me, and I hit him one time.”

The burglar can be seen in his mugshot with a swollen black eye.