‘Fuller House’ star Jodie Sweetin calls cops on felon ex-fiance

Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin’s engagement ended with an arrest after she called the cops on her felon ex-fiance.

Sweetin and her ex-fiance Justin Hodak, who were dating for two years before being engaged in January 2016, had a bad fight that caused the couple to call off their engagement, according to the New York Daily News. The actress called 911 after Hodak threatened to kill himself and left the premises. When police arrived at the residence, the woman told the authorities that Hodak had been in the bedroom with a firearm.

Hodak, being a felon, was by law not allowed to be in possession of a gun. Police reportedly arrested the man upon his return to the house, but he was bailed out a few hours later.

Sweetin’s romantic life has been rocky since her first divorce from Shaun Holguin, a Los Angeles police officer, the report said. She was 20 when the two married, and they were divorced four years later.

Her second marriage reportedly ended just a few years after she married film transportation coordinator, Cody Herpin. The two were married in 2007, and were separated a year after they had their first and only child. The divorce was finalized in 2010.

Sweetin was expecting her second child with Morty Coyle the year of her second divorce. Their daughter was born in 2010, and the two married in 2012. In June of 2013, the couple filed for divorce. The two shared custody of their child, but TMZ reported that, per the child custody agreement, either party could request a drug test from the other if they suspected the other of driving their daughter while under the influence.

In addition to her bad luck in the love department, Sweetin had a long history of drug abuse. In 1995 after Full House ended, Sweetin began abusing drugs such as ecstasy, methamphetamine and crack. She wrote a book titled unSweetined which told her history with drug and alcohol abuse.

[Feature Photo: AP/Rich Fury/Invision]