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‘Cash me ousside’ dad: ‘I don’t think she really knows what love is’

Dad wants ‘cash me ousside’ girl in therapy

The father of Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli, better known as the “Cash me ousside” girl, said that he sought help for his daughter months before her appearance on Dr. Phil.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Ira Peskowitz, a sheriff’s deputy in Palm Beach County, Florida, recently gave an interview with the Palm Beach Post about his custody battle with the girl’s mother.

The father, who hadn’t seen his daughter for the majority of her life, said that he reconnected with his daughter months before the show aired, and that he had been seeking help for the 13-year-old.

Peskowitz said in the interview that he has emails proving his intent to help his daughter, even before the girl became internet famous.

As recently reported in Crime Online,  Bregoli has just signed a contract for a reality TV show with a “major” production company. Her father, however, believes that his daughter should be at home with him living a normal childhood. Peskowitz disagrees with the way things have played out since his daughter’s appearance on Dr. Phil.

“She’s not famous. She’s a child that is being exploited.”

The father reportedly said that he has turned down multiple offers of paid interviews, saying that he won’t make money by exploiting his daughter further.

Peskowitz set up a GoFundMe page seeking financial help for legal fees. The lawsuit against Bregoli’s mother said that she had “intentional actions” to keep him and his daughter apart.

The man reportedly said that Danielle recently told her father that her management team is not happy about him fighting for custody of her. She also told him that she didn’t want him in her life.

Peskowitz, who gave up a “decision-making role” in the girl’s life when Danielle was a toddler, says that he doesn’t “think she really knows what love is.”

The father was able to reconnect with his child when he arrested one of her friends. When the girl recognized his last name, she said that Danielle had wanted to talk to him for years. He gave the girl his phone number and Danielle called him a few days later.

On the phone, Danielle told him that she saw the court records proving that he gave up his time-sharing custody rights, and told him that he abandoned her.

Peskowitz reportedly claimed that when he spoke to the girl’s mother, he suggested using a psychologist to reconnect with his daughter. The mother turned down the suggestion, so he agreed to meet with his daughter alone.

He said that when he took her to dinner, she couldn’t get off the subject of him being a cop. He claimed that she called him a “troll.”

Ira and Stephanie Peskowitz said they might have made the wrong choice 11 years ago by stepping out of Danielle’s life.

I feel guilty now, because I feel like maybe if we didn’t stop fighting, things wouldn’t have gotten to this point.

Until recently, the Peskowitz’s two sons didn’t know about their sister, though Bregoli wanted her daughter to meet her brothers. Peskowitz refused, however, saying he wanted the introductions to happen with a psychologist present.

When Danielle gained her notoriety though, the father said he knew there was no way around it. After the boys found out about their sister, they have talked to her on the phone and can’t wait to meet her.

Danielle’s mother has reportedly not been served court papers as of Wednesday. When she is, she will have 20 days to respond. The parents will then go before Palm Beach County judge.

The custody battle will determine if Peskowitz will be allowed visitation and decision-making power in Danielle’s life.

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