Queshawn Wade

Attorney: Boy needs oral surgery after school cop knocks his tooth out, calls him a gay slur

A 14-year-old high school student had his tooth reattached Monday after a Pittsburgh police officer punched him so hard it was knocked out.

The altercation began when School Resource Officer Stephen Shaulis approached the child, Queshawn Wade, about a stolen cell phone at Woodland Hills High School in Pittsburgh, according to a report by Penn Live.

The boy’s attorney, Todd Hollis, alleged that Shaulis called the teenager a gay slur. A physical altercation then took place between Wade and the officer. The fight ended with the teen having a tooth punched out and other scratches and bruises on his face.

The report said that the incident happened inside of Shaulis’ office. Hollis alleged that Wade was thrown against a wall and punched in the back of the head before he was punched in the mouth.

Hollis said that nothing could justify hurting a teenager in this way.

“I don’t care what happened to the cellphone. It does not justify getting his teeth knocked out of his mouth.”

Wade was sent to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian, where he was able to have his tooth reattached, but the teen will need additional oral surgery.

The 14-year-old attended a press conference where a scrape on his face was clearly visible. Woodland Hills Superintendent reportedly said it was “unfortunate” that the child ended up being injured.

Wade’s attorney accused Woodland’s principle of being present during the incident and not intervening. Hollis alleged that principal Kevin Murray took part in the questioning and witnessed the officer beat the teen.

Phil DiLucente, the principle’s attorney, reportedly made a statement that the allegations about his client’s involvement were unfounded.

“My client was not involved in the incident and casting his name in this light with respect to the alleged incident is not only inflammatory but completely unnecessary and only done to damage his reputation.”

Murray was put on leave previously after he was caught on a recording threatening a special-education student. THe principle got off the hook though after the district attorney investigated the incident.

Wade is currently suspended from school and the Allegheny County district attorney will collaborate with the FBI to investigate the allegations of excessive force.

Hollis has reportedly insisted that the school release surveillance footage of the incident.

[Feature Photo: screen shot/WPXI-TV]