Mel B

Mel B accuses husband and nanny of extortion!

Singer Mel B apparently went to police on Tuesday to raid a storage facility she believed housed sex tapes and Spice Girls memorabilia which were being held by her nanny.

The singer said that Lorraine Gilles, the nanny who owned the storage locker, was keeping 12 to 15 boxes full of sex tapes, photos of Gilles and Belafonte and Spice Girls memorabilia, according to a report by TMZ.

When Mel B, along with her lawyers, first arrived at the storage facility to grab the boxes, she was turned away by management at the facility. Intent on getting the boxes, the singer went to the police for help. She later came back with authorities, but didn’t find what she was looking for.

Mel B reportedly has a restraining order out Gilles. A judge ordered the nanny to stay 100 yards away from the singer, and she isn’t allowed to harass her, or remove any property from the storage unit.

As reported by TMZ, the singer is accusing her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, and Gilles of extortion. When Mel B fired the nanny in 2015, Belafonte allegedly told her that he would release the sex tapes if she didn’t rehire Gilles and give her a raise. He allegedly looked at Lorraine and said, “Isn’t that right, Lorraine,” and Lorraine replied, “Yes.”

Mel B claims that Gilles admitted to having the tapes, and planned to hand them over to Belafonte. The singer claims that Belafonte had an affair with Gilles, and got her pregnant, though the nanny had an abortion.

Belafonte has recently filed for visitation rights with his step-daughter. He claims that he has played a larger role in Mel B’s 10-year-old daughter’s life than her father Eddie Murphy has.

The 10-year-old was born in April 2007, two months before Mel B and Belafonte were married.

[Feature Photo: AP/Christoph Ruckstuhl]