Junior Galette

Oakland Raiders become the only NFL team to go three years without arrests

As of Monday, the NFL team the Oakland Raiders became the only team in the league to have zero arrests on its record for the past three years.

After the Redskin’s linebacker Junior Galette was arrested in Biloxi, Mississippi on charges of suspicion of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and failure to comply with police orders, it bumped the Raiders up to the status of the only team to have no members arrested in the past three years, as reported by SB Nations Silver and Black Pride.

The status change happened after police reportedly responded to a call about a fight that occurred after a concert. When officers arrived on the scene, they witnessed the football player hit someone. Galette ran away when he saw the police, but the officers chased after him, and used a stun gun to stop him from running.

The report said that Galette hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2014. The first 5 seasons of his career were spent with the Saints. After a domestic violence arrest and a torn pectoral muscle, the Saints released him, and he signed on in Washington.

[Feature Photo: AP/Dave Martin]