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Brutal pit-bull attacks 3-year-old, caught on video

A disturbing video shows the moment a three-year-old is mauled by a pit bull in Rockland County, New York Thursday evening, reports abc7NY.

The video shows the toddler and a group of other children playing outside on the sidewalk. Out of nowhere the large dog runs across the street and attacks the toddler. The little boy can be seen getting dragged across the pavement, and when he gets up to run away, the dog attacks again. The attack lasts for a few seconds until adults run in to save the boy.

The three-year-old child suffered bites to his cheek and neck. He is currently recovering and was released from the hospital.

The dog was immediately seized by authorities.

Another three-year-old was attacked and bitten in the face on Monday in Puyallup, Washington, reports KIRO 7.

Authorities deemed the pit bull, named Tuffy, dangerous. His 56-year-old owner must give up the dog to authorities by April 28.

The report read that the attack took place when friends showed up to help the dog’s owner move. Sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said that the pit bull went straight to the toddler and “latched onto his face.”

Thankfully, the mother was nearby, and was able to rescue her child. She made the dog release the toddler by digging her fingers into the dog’s eye sockets.

Tuffy was secured while someone dialed 911.

Crime Online reported that in March, an 8-month-old baby was killed in a horrific pit bull attack. The attack happened when the family dog went after the baby. The infant was pinned to the floor and mauled by the dog. The babysitter desperately tried to save the baby, but she was injured as well. She called 911, but it was too late.

The dog was shot and killed by deputies when they arrived on the scene. Authorities said it was the only way to stop the pit bull.