Iowa State police go viral with 4/20 donut ‘weed traps,’ drug-sniffing cat

Iowa State University partnered with the Ames Police Department to spend 4/20 passing out donuts and posting on social media with the hashtag #GlazeItDontBlazeIt, reports USA Today College.

In a campus-wide event that encouraged students to stay away from marijuana on the unofficial “pot holiday,” officers from the Ames Police Department spent the day setting “weed traps” and walking around with a drug-sniffing cat named “Carlos.” The event was part of the department’s community outreach project called #DonutDisrespect.

The officers even transformed a patrol car into a “donut mobile,” decorating the vehicle with blue donuts and the words, “Donut Disrespect.”

The department posted pictures on Twitter of their “weed traps.” The caption read: “You’ve heard of speed traps? We have weed traps.”

Ames police officers also walked around with a cat on a leash. The cat, named “Carlos,” was described as a “weed sniffing cat.” They posted a picture of Carlos on social media with a caption that read: “Donut come baked (or fried).”

On April 17, Ames police officers, along with ISU officers, kicked off their community outreach program with a video in which they explained the program — while munching on donuts.

“We’re willing to share if you promise to respect each other…All we ask is that you donut disrespect, donut discriminate, donut harass, and donut hate.”

On Thursday, the police department shared a photo on Twitter of stacks of empty boxes. They said they started the day with 2,000 donuts, and ended with none.

The Donut Disrespect campaign will reportedly continue through the month.

According to an article by USA Today College, community outreach programs on college campuses are becoming more and more successful. Even students who initially believed “the police were just out to get college students,” had a “serious change of heart” after interacting with the officers on campus, the report found.


Photo: Screenshot/Iowa State University Police Facebook