Richard Simmons

‘Sweatin’ To The Oldies’ superstar spotted: Richard Simmons alive & well & looking fab!

Richard Simmons, 68, returned home from the hospital Thursday evening after suffering from a bout of “severe indigestion.”

The fitness guru was photographed leaving the hospital under a blanket that covered most of his body. This is the first time he has been photographed in three years.

As Crime Online recently reported, Simmons was hospitalized on Monday for gastrointestinal issues.

His spokesman Michael Catalano gave a statement telling the public about Simmons’ condition.

“Richard Simmons was hospitalized on Monday at an undisclosed location in California. After a few days of battling severe indigestion and discomfort while eating, we agreed it was best for him to seek treatment.”

Simmons left Cedar Sinai hospital at 5 p.m. after a stay of four days. He left with his long-time housekeeper, Teresa Reveles.

Daily Mail reported that Reveles and Catalano declined to comment.

This may be the first time in three years that Simmons stepped out of his home. Fans were so convinced that the fitness guru was missing that even a podcast named Richard Simmons Missing was started. The idea was debunked, however, when his brother, Lenny Simmons, 70,  spoke to People last month about how his brother is doing.

“He’s doing exactly what he wants to do…I know he reads, I know he watches TV, I know he rests. I presume he exercises because he looks good. He loves his birds and his garden. He has a lot of hummingbirds that he feeds — he has hundreds of them. He helps cook — he’s always been a good cook.”

Lenny told the magazine that his brother likes to watch 60 Minutes and Jeopardy! He said Simmons has been growing beard, and it’s a little gray, but nothing you wouldn’t expect from a 68-year-old.

“When I look at him, he still looks like my brother.”

Simmons, according to his brother, is doing perfectly fine.

[Feature Photo: AP/Todd Williamson/Invision for JDRF]