‘I can’t believe this has happened to me again’: Woman loses second daughter to murder

A Kansas City woman who lost a 10-year-old daughter to murder in 1999 is facing heartbreak again: A second daughter was murdered Wednesday night — less than a block from a park dedicated to her little girl who died almost 20 years ago.

According to the Kansas City Star, Casey Eaton, 34, was shot to death near the park at 10th Street and Kansas Avenue in Kansas City. The man believed to be responsible for Eaton’s daughter’s death was taken into custody Sunday, reports Fox News.

Kansas City Kansas Police Chief Terry Zeigler said on Twitter Sunday morning that Emenencio Lansdown was arrested for second-degree murder after an overnight standoff with police.

Eaton, who four children and a four-month-old grandson, was reportedly shot to death Wednesday night in front of her home, and her body was later found in a vehicle.

Her sister, 10-year-old Pamela Butler, was kidnapped while roller-skating near her home in Kansas City in 1999. A neighbor witnessing the incident chased after the man, but was only able to get the man’s license plate number and give it to police. A two day manhunt for the kidnapper then ensued.

Cherri West, the girls’ mother, told Fox4KC that Casey ran after Pamela the day she was abducted.

“She was screaming down the street, and that’s where the neighbor on the next block come down and started chasing the truck and lost it, but he got the tag number for us.”

Keith Nelson drove east with Pamela before dragging her into a densely wooded area where he beat her and strangled her with a speaker cord. After Nelson was taken into custody, he made a plea bargain with the prosecution; he would plead guilty if allegations that he sexually assaulted Pamela were dropped.

West said that she couldn’t believe that she lost another daughter to murder.

“I can’t believe this has happened to me again. You kind of sit back and you wonder what have you done in life for something like this to be done to you.”

[Feature Photo: Family Handout/Kansas City PD]