Kenneth Williams daughter

Woman reaches out to the daughter of Kenneth Williams; reunites them before his execution

A woman reached out to the daughter of her father’s killer to reunite the woman with her own father before he was executed, Daily News reports.

Kenneth Williams, a former gang member, was serving a life sentence for murdering University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff cheerleader, Dominique Hurd, in December 1998.

He escaped prison in 1999 and killed Cecil Boren when he stole his car.

The next day, water delivery truck driver Michael Greenwood, a husband, and father of three was killed when Williams hit him.

Days before Williams’ death sentence, Greenwood’s daughter, Kayla, learned that Williams’ daughter Jasmine was five when she last saw her father. He was in jail most of her life.

Kayla contacted Jasmine earlier this week after she attained the woman’s phone number from Wiliams’ attorney.

Stacey, Greenwood’s widow, who has since remarried, offered to pay for Jasmine’s plane tickets so that she could spend time with her father in his last hours.

Members of the Greenwood family drove Jasmine to Varner Supermax prison in Grady, Arkansas Wednesday.

Kayla said that it was an emotional time for everyone involved.

“We both cried. We had a lot to talk about and a lot to relate to. We are just excited for today and being able to be there for each other. I told him we forgive him and where I stood on it. (Jasmine) said that when the warden read the email to him, he broke out in tears. When he found out that we are bringing his daughter and granddaughter to see him and that my mom and dad bought the tickets, he was crying to the attorney. He was sad and couldn’t talk to us.”

Williams’ made a final statement before his execution.

“When I could not think such a greater act of kindness, Love, and forgiveness could be expressed, I stood corrected. Thanks to Kayla Greenwood. She’s the daughter of the late Michael Greenwood, a man whose death I caused. His daughter, Kayla Greenwood, was just a child when her father was taken in a car wreck caused by me after I escaped prison … A wish that burned within me, was to see again my child and grandchild … If tomorrow be my last day here on earth, then Mrs. Williams’ prayer she made at my trial that I GIVE MY LIFE TO JESUS before I leave this world, would be answered. I have been forever changed. Amen.”

[Feature Photo: YouTube Screenshot/CNN]