Hongchi Xiao

Boy dies in controversial slap therapy, ‘doctor’ nabbed for manslaughter

A self-healing guru is expected to be charged with manslaughter after a 6-year-old diabetic boy died days after attending an alternative medicine seminar.

Hongchi Xiao, 53, taught a seminar in Hurstville, Australia on “slap therapy,” where participants are slapped, often to the point of bruising. The boy attended the seminars on April 22-28 in 2015, reports Yahoo News.

British detectives took Xiao into custody when he flew into London. He is expected to be extradited back to Sydney within the next few weeks and charged with manslaughter. On Monday, he was refused bail at Westminster Court. He will be in custody until he is extradited.

ABC reports the Xiao is a well-known slap therapist and teaches the controversial practice called Paida Lajin. The purpose of the practice is to release toxins through slapping the skin.

Xiao meant to rid the boy of his type-1 diabetes symptoms. At 10 p.m. on April 28, the boy was found unconscious.

The 6-year-old was given CPR but it was too late. His mother and father were charged with manslaughter in March of this year. They were granted conditional bail. They will appear in court this month.

“This is purely an accident,” Xia said last year. “This has nothing to do with the workshop. This boy had a lot of diseases, more than we [sic] ever know.”

In October 2016, another student Xiao’s passed away. Danielle Carr, a 71-year-old diabetic grandmother, died at one of Xiao’s weekend retreats in South London. Matthew, her son, blamed the retreat for her death.

“I am certain that if she hadn’t gone on this course, she would still be alive today.”

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