What’s wrong with this photo? Nancy Grace responds to new photos of Tot Mom Casey Anthony and baby

The publication of several photos showing “Tot Mom” Casey Anthony holding a baby at a California restaurant is sending shivers down the spines of parents — including Nancy Grace. “It’s not a good look,” Grace said in Thursday’s episode of her “Crime Stories” podcast.

“She takes these posed photos and then she sells them to the tabloids, that’s how she makes her living,” Grace speculated. “She’s making money off, really, her notoriety, her infamy because of her dead child, Caylee, which is another way of victimizing Caylee. She’s making money because she was accused in the murder of her child.”

Another concern for Grace is the empty pitcher of what appears to be an alcoholic beverage on the table in front of Anthony. “Booze, Tot Mom, baby, it didn’t turn out very well last time, remember Caylee ended up dead and now a baby in her arms, it’s just wrong.”

Baby knows best? “It looks the baby is doing a backbend to get away from Tot Mom, like the baby knows, ‘Hey, this is wrong,’” Grace said.

[Featured Image: AP Photo/Joshua Replogle]