Respected county sheriff lewdly exposes himself in popular park, leads cops on foot chase

A respected Dekalb County, Georgia, sheriff was arrested this weekend for indecent exposure after he allegedly exposed himself to an Atlanta police officer in an area of a public park with a reputation for indecency.

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann tried to evade arrest after exposing himself to a person who then identified themselves as a police officer in Piedmont Park, which, according to the incident report obtained by the newspaper, is known for “sexual acts after dark.”

When the police officer identified themselves and ordered the suspect to stay put, he instead allegedly turned and ran, leading the officers on a chase where the suspect ran into traffic.

At one point, the arresting officer said the the suspect stopped to tie his shoes but then started running again when he realized the officer was still on his tail. Not long after, Sheriff Mann surrendered.

The sheriff has reportedly insisted that the incident is a “misunderstanding” and said in a statement that he intended to clear his name.

“It is embarrassing,” DeKalb Commissioner Nancy Jester  told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, while also nothing that Sheriff Mann has had a good reputation until this incident.

“It’s certainly not a good headline for DeKalb County.”


Photo: DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office