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Teen shot as strangers rob after-prom party

Two to three people are wanted for aggravated robbery after someone was shot at an after-prom party in Lancaster, Texas, reports Dallas News.

Dallas County sheriff’s deputies were called around 3:15 a.m. about a shooting at a party in the 1300 block of Moorland Road, near Belt Line Road and South Dallas Avenue.

Police say it’s still unclear whether adults or teens are responsible for the robbery.

The shooting victim was released Sunday from Methodist Hospital.

Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Melinda Urbina said the suspects may not have known anyone at the party, which had about 500 people present. Police believe the word about the party got out via social media, attracting the suspects to it as a “crime of opportunity.”

The party was held after the Red Oak High School prom. Armando Ogas said he went to pick up his girlfriend from the party after she called him when she heard gunshots at the party. He told Dallas News, “I just want to get her home.”

CBS DFW reported that when the suspects arrived at the party, they robbed several people, then assaulted one person before shooting another.

Kelvin Martinez told the news station that he had left before the robberies and the shooting took place.

“We were lucky enough to have good timing and head to IHOP… right when all this was happening.”

He also said that with that many people at the party, something bad was bound to happen. He said “it’s pretty scary. A part of me kind of knew that when you get this many people together – this many teenagers – it’s not professionally organized. There’s a chance of something happening.”

A neighbor told the station that though there was some adult supervision at the party, there should have been more.

“You can be a good kid and be in the wrong place. I’m sure more than half of those kids who were here last night just wanted to have a good time. They were just in the wrong place.”