Knife-wielding ‘crazy lady’ threatens Panda Express customers in unhinged parking lot rant [VIDEO]

A video of a woman unleashing hellfire on two men in the parking lot of a Panda Express parking lot in Billings, Montana, has gone viral — thought it’s not entirely clear what exactly is happening in the video.

The video is taken from inside the car, from the point of view of the driver, who is sitting next to a passenger who is on the phone with police. Outside the car, which has its windows tightly shut, a raving woman holding a knife gestures wildly at the passengers in the car.

At different points during the video, she uses the knife to scratch the car and slice a tire, and smashes both her face and elbow against the driver’s side window.

Based on a comment from the passenger on the phone with police, it appears that a traffic incident in the parking lot caused the woman to react.

“…crazy lady who’s acting like we were trying to run into her when we were backing up….she’s got a knife in her hand,” the man says on the phone.

At that point, the woman is standing close to the car, smiling and pressing buttons on her own phone, while a knife can be seen in her other hand, which is shaking violently.

“If she comes up her and busts my window I’m going to punch in the f**** head,” the man says after the woman tries to open the car door.

A Facebook uses posted the video on Friday.

It’s difficult to hear most of what the woman is saying, but at one point, when the passenger briefly opens the window, she does appear shout a racial slur at the men in the car.

By that time, another woman had pulled up alongside the car and asks the men, “What are you doing?”

The passenger on the phone with police gets increasingly impatient during the ordeal as he waits for police to arrive.

“Is someone going to come over here? If not, I’m going to get out and take care of this,” he says.

The video ends before any police arrive.

Crime Online reached out to multiple departments at the Billings Police Department and the Billings Sheriff’s Office, but no one was able to provide any further detail about the incident. An employee of the police did confirm that there is a Panda Express on Grand Street in Billings, which is the location he man gives to police in the video.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.


Photo: Facebook video screenhot