Terry Bernard Ball Jr. mugshot

Georgia man arrested AGAIN for assaulting his mother with a pork chop

An Athens man recently arrested for a domestic violence incident involving a pork chop was arrested again early Wednesday morning for another domestic violence incident that centered around a pork chop, reports Online Athens.

The mother of Terry Bernard Ball Jr., 29, said that on February 20 her son became angry with her because she hadn’t bought him cigarettes. At the time, he was at her home on Simmons Street enjoying a pork chop. He allegedly threw the pork chop at his mother, then head-butted and pushed the woman before his father jumped on him to restrain him, police say. When officers arrived at the scene, they kept a taser pointed at Ball while his father got off of him so that officers could take Ball into custody.

Ball’s mother refused to say anything more about the incident except that her son attacked her over the cigarettes, according to Online Athens.

The man was charged with simple battery and probation violation. After posting a $3,000 bail, Ball was released. According to the conditions of his bond, he was ordered to have no contact with his mother and to stay away from the property on Simmons Street.

On Wednesday, Ball violated the conditions of his bond by going to his mother’s house and attempting to assault the woman again. Police say Ball’s mother called 911 at 2:53 a.m. She told officers that Ball was trying to fight everyone in the house. Officers arrived on the scene and tried talking to Ball but he was being irrational and his responses were incoherent. He reportedly told police that “they ate his pork chop and now he has to eat noodles.”

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, police found pots and pans on the ground in the house. Police say Ball repeatedly complained to officers about the eaten pork chop.

Ball was taken into custody and charged with violating a family violence order.

[Feature photo: Athens-Clarke County Police]