Parents Alert!!! Fidget spinner sends TX girl to operating room, mom warns other parents

A Texas woman spent her Saturday at the hospital with her daughter after the girl choked on a piece of a fidget spinner and required surgery to remove to object.

Fidget spinners are three-inch toys that were initially created to aid children who are autistic or have attention disorders in concentrating. They have gained enough popularity to become a classroom distraction. However, many public schools have banned the toys, according to Dallas News. 

The news site reported that Kelly Joniec’s daughter required surgery after the 10-year-old, named Britton, swallowed a piece of the toy called a “bushing,” one of the three circular metal objects that are attached to the toy.

Joniec took to Facebook to share her experience.

“On the way home from a fun swim meet, I heard Britton make an odd retching noise in the back seat as I was driving. Looking back in the mirror, I saw her face turning red and drool pouring from her mouth -she could utter noises but looked panicked.”

The mother pulled the car over and her daughter pointed to her throat indicating that she swallowed something. The girl said she put a piece of the fidget spinner in her mouth to “clean it.”

Doctors at urgent care couldn’t tell whether the piece was in her airway or her esophagus so an ambulance the family to Texas Children’s Hospital in The Woodlands, just north of Houston.

X-rays were taken and the nickel-sized object could be seen stuck in the 10-year-old’s esophagus. Joniec said her daughter required surgery “to endoscopically locate and remove the object.”

Joniec said that the GI doctor “was fascinated” because he had only ever heard of fidget spinners that morning at the mall with his son. She said the doctor was an advocate for child safety in toys, so he took a special interest in her daughter’s case.

Everything turned out okay for the family, but the mother warned other parents against hazards this toy offered.

“Not all spinners come with age-appropriate warnings. The bushings pop out easily, so … keep in mind that these present a potential choking hazard.”

[Feature photo: Facebook]